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Welcome to Sveatoslav a.k.a MEDBEDb projects page :).

Few words about me:

I graduated the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and got a degree in Finance and Stock Exchanges. I'm passionate about new technologies, scripting and functional programming using pragmatic languages (such as ruby), gadgets and latest trends in mobile world tendencies. Being a family man and a father of 3 years old son i strive to succeed in both day-to-day tasks and in terms of longer goals planning and achieving. Big fan of photography (including HDR, time-lapse, astrophotography and panoramic techniques), enjoy playing guitar and piano, swimming and snorkelling , love traveling, astronomy, have a personal wordpress blog, enjoy spending time on stackoverflow website and like making life easier on web using various automation techniques.

My Projects::

1. save_images_ondoklassniki

A ruby + watir-webdriver script that will save all images from all your albums at

2. gplus_img_saver

Ruby based Google+ images (from events and photo-albums) parser based on watir-webdriver and open-uri frameworks.

3. ingress_invite_gen

Ingress invite code generator (joke) is a little ruby script i wrote for simulation generation of ingress invite codes..

4. waitrose_survey_batch - survey helper, having array of batch receipts and userdata as input. Will complete number of survey cycles for the user based on the number of receipts in array.

5. Smallest_Fibonacci

Smallest Fibonacci numbers generator in Ruby Will ask your input on how many numbers to generate. Includes initial zero number. Math is fun. Ruby is fun :)

6. Ruby Warrior Presentation: Linear & OOP Solutions

Ruby Warrior Presentation: Linear & OOP Solutions. A triumphant quest of adventure, love & destiny all within a few lines of code

Ruby warrior presentation - Linear & oop solutions by Sveatoslav from Sveatoslav Cîrcel

7. Test Automation using Ruby (Watir-Webdriver, Rspec, Cucumber, Rake and CI using Jenkins) Presentation

Presentation for the Testing Week @Endava - Test Automation using Ruby (Watir-Webdriver, Rspec, Cucumber, Rake and CI using Jenkins)

Test Automation using Ruby from Sveatoslav Cîrcel

8. Universal-Test-Framework-on-Ruby

UTFOR is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby (BDD). The scope of creating such a framework was - add simple, flexible and universal tool to quickly run the smoke/sanity checks based on any given Web App tree of links

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